Artificial Grass Products

Royal Grass® artificial grass products are the most innovative turf you can get.
The grass fibers are V-shaped, which is copied from natural grass, to make it look indistinguishable from real.
Our Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT) gives the artificial grass a Matt, Silky Colour and minimum glare.
The backbone of the fibers make them stand up for a longer time than other artificial grass brands.
ReaDY®Every fiber has its own growth direction
Royal Grass is safe for children, animals and environment and meets international standards.
A durable and beautiful solution for your garden, balcony or even indoor use!


Our most popular choice
A nice and soft playing surface for children in a beautiful olive green colour. 35 mm high and fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.
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Royal Grass Silk -25 is the very best garden turf when it comes to a natural appearance. You won’t believe your eyes, especially when you know it is imitation grass!
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Royal Grass Wave is the little brother of Royal Grass® Sense. Wave has a beautiful and soft quality. With ReaDY® technology it looks and feels incredibly realistic. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way and behaves independently of the other fibres making your lawn look airy and playful.
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With Royal Grass Sense it is'nt just a beautiful product, but also a new innovation in the area of artificial grass:  ReaDY® represents “Realistic Directional Yarn”, whereby the artificial grass fibres have been processed in an innovative manner. Every fibre of grass finds its own way position in the carpet and behaves independently of the other fibres making your lawn look airy and playful.
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Lush has slightly more fibers per square meter so your artificial lawn looks fuller and more luxurious. Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass (brown - yellow thatch) , the artificial turf also has a soft, Indian summer colour. Every fiber has its own growth direction thanks to ReaDY®. This makes Royal Grass® Lush look extremely lifelike.
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Royal Grass® Verano

Verano is the little brother of Royal Grass® Lush. Verano blade height of 35mm, these fibers are slightly shorter than those of Lush . This makes Verano the ideal type of artificial grass for a lawn that looks like it has been mowed only a few days ago. Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass with (brown - yellow thatch) , the lawn also has the Indian summer look. 
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Artificial Sports Grass Products

Artificial sports grass products, commonly known as artificial turf or synthetic grass, have gained popularity in various sports and recreational applications due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and consistent playing surface. Artificial sports grass typically consists of synthetic fibers made from materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. These materials are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.One of the primary advantages of artificial sports grass is its low maintenance. It doesn't require regular mowing, watering, or pesticide application. Artificial sports grass is used in various sports and recreational facilities, including Rugby , soccer, GAA, , tennis , and of course golf putting greens, and multi-purpose sports areas.


Our most popular choice

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When you put a blade of grass under the microscope, you’ll see that it has a V-shape. Royal Grass® is the only artificial grass with that same patented V-shape. Combined with the reinforced backbone, this ensures the grass blades all stand upright.

Royal Grass V-Shape

Natural grass has a bit of a natural glow. We wanted our artificial grass to have that as well. Our Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT) ensures that you can hardly tell our grass from natural grass when it comes to that glow.

Micro Nerve Technology

Natural grass can be quite capricious: every blade has its own direction. Thanks to our Realistic Directional Yarn (ReaDY) technology, we were able to give our artificial grass that same natural volatility. With ReaDY® technology artificial grass really springs to life.

Realistic Directional Yarn

A combination of the familiar ReaDY fibre with straight, delicate fibres. The various widths and textures make the grasses that feature this technology very natural and soft.


The SMART fibers have an undulating profile and soft, Matt, micro nerves. This gives these natural looking fibers a beautiful appearance, yet also makes them very strong, springy and realistic


Our SunTEC gives our blades of grass a sun-kissed look. It is for selected Royal Grass® products. Of course, not all blades are brown, just the odd blade here and there.
This gives the grass a natural summery look.Your lawn isn’t absolutely perfect, which actually makes it perfect for a summer garden.


REBel is a combination of the double eco-backing Royal Grass® has been using since 2011 with an additional stability matrix and a transparent coating. This makes it easier to lay and its unique composition improves recyclability. Royal Grass® setting the new REBel standard by continuing to develop its green eco-backing into REBel.


Royal Grass® is also strong and can be used in gardens with playing children and pets.
All Royal Grass® products are NEN EN-71-3* tested and found to be 100% safe. NEN EN-71-3 standardisation is used to ensure the safety of toys.

Safe for children and pets

Royal Grass® combine polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), which belong to the same plastic family, as the raw materials for artificial grass. These materials ensure that the products have a natural look and feel without compromising the high quality and durability that we are known for.This means we can confidently recycle old Royal Grass artificial grass into new products, making our offerings truly circular.

Simple Recycling Process

As authorised Distributor and having been approved by Royal Grass We are professionals with the right expertise and know-how.

We strongly believe in high standards for quality, sustainability and pleasure. 
Royal Grass® offers 15-year Product warranty

The Royal Grass® Brand stands for high quality artificial grass with a natural appearance.
 but having the best grass fibers is just one thing.
 A good bedding and professional installation are both equally as important when it comes to the durability of your artificial lawn. 
For this reason we only work with Experienced Royal Grass Installers.

All Royal Grass Products & developments are patented, 
so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fiber and MiNT technology!

15 Year Warranty

Royal Grass® offers 15-year Product warranty

You are invited to registering your Royal Grass® product through the registration form, you will receive a warranty certificate from Royal Grass.
One advantage of this is that they can help you faster if you have questions or comments about your product in the future.

Circular Artificial Grass

Recycling artificial grass? Yes! That’s right! Indeed, artificial grass that is not recycled often ends up in the ever-growing plastic waste mountain or is illegally dumped abroad. Royal Grass® sees it as a big social responsibility not to make that plastic waste mountain even bigger.

Authorised Distributor

We advise you to buy artificial grass at an authorized Royal Grass® dealer for the following reasons.
This is the only way we can assure you that you will get Royal Grass® in your garden and not another inferior fake grass product. 
Royal Grass® comes with an 15 year UV-warranty. Authorised  Distributors keep a track record of the artificial grass sold and installed.

Continuous Innovation

Royal Grass® always endeavours to improve its products
Our mission to create the best natural-looking and sustainable artificial grass. we continuously striving to improve our grass and research possibilities for better performance and more natural looks. 
We are proud to announce break-through developments which counteract the shiny side effect of synthetic materials. Mother nature itself provided us with this wisdom.

Royal Grass after 15 Years in Ireland

This is Silk 35 which we installed in 2008 it has have Medium traffic over the years , and no maintenance carried out. 
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